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I am missioner, mom and wife in South Florida


I was born in Cali, Colombia, the daughter of second generation Swedish immigrants. I am a first generation immigrant to the United States; I came to college in 1978 and never went back. The story of my life is the story of having great privilege and often finding that what I had expected and built of my life lay shattered. Even at those moments, I have known that the multi-colored pieces of what had been, some of them nothing more than shards, were in the palm of a loving God's hand. In short, I have a blessed life.

If the entirety of my life is like a kalaidescope, right now, the pieces have formed a particularly beautiful pattern and I am overwhelmed by gratitude. I was ordained as an Episcopal priest in May 2006, in a mostly Anglo parish in Fort Lauderdale Fl. I am now a missionary in the Hispanic community of Broward county, finding and being found by others who, like me, see hope realized far from where they started in life. With this blog, I hope to capture and share what it means to go out to the places in the margins, the borders, where immigrants like I find God.


writing, water, reading, movies, hospitality