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August 03, 2007


Mrs. M

Love your answer for number 4 about being open to unexpected companions.


You're right in #1--it doesn't end!


I really want to take that writer's workshop one of these days.

Another trick for walking long distances are liner socks (some good hiking, camping, backpacking shop ought to have them, like REM)...the liner socks are made of silk, or some other more modern material, and the wick away moisture and slip less, causing less friction for blisters. Better than vasiline I think...

Enjoy that trip!


I like the idea of looking out for angels... and unexpected companions!


Mary Beth

I love your Good Shepherd image.

Here's a story about mine:

Mother Laura

Your time at the National Cathedral sounds wonderful. I recently saw it for the first time and also loved two small spaces: the children's chapel upstairs and the Resurrection chapel in the crypt.

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